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Employee scores trip to NPF

Annette Atkin, a Santa Ana District business alliances manager, has recruited five business customers to attend this year’s National Postal Forum.

Annette Atkin, a business alliances manager in Pacific Area’s Santa Ana District, is the first USPS employee in 2020 to earn a complimentary registration to this year’s National Postal Forum (NPF).

Atkin registered five eligible customers through the NPF Employee Customer Recruitment Program, which aims to bring customers who have never attended the forum — or customers who have not attended within the past year — to the event.

This is the third consecutive year Atkin has secured a complimentary registration to NPF, placing her in an exclusive category of recruiters.

Atkin said she bases her recruiting strategy on the trust that she has built with her customers.

“If a company is looking at vendors that are all equal, they will do business with people they trust with their business,” she said. “This saying transcends into getting customers to the NPF. Every time I leave the event, a new opportunity or relationship is created through the synergistic meetings and interaction with customers and USPS executives at NPF.”

This year, NPF will be held from April 26-29 in Orlando, FL.

For more information about the NPF Employee Customer Recruitment Program and to find out how to earn a trip to the event by providing discounts to customers, send an email to

The NPF website has additional information.

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