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Taking care of business

St. Petersburg, FL, Customer Retention Agent Brian Ireland

My name is Brian Ireland and I’m a USPS customer retention agent in St. Petersburg, FL. I’m part of a team that contacts business customers each day to ensure they continue using our products and services.

My office in St. Petersburg is one of 12 customer retention sites across the nation. At each of these sites, my colleagues and I work to engage with customers that are exhibiting “churn,” which is defined as a partial revenue loss observed over a certain period of time, and “defection,” which is defined as a total revenue loss.

One of the drivers behind retaining these customers is building a valuable partnership and listening when they report a problem or need guidance. Whether we need to contact the local Post Office to help resolve the customer’s concern or provide them with detailed information on our products and services, my colleagues and I are ready to serve.

Talking with business owners each day reinforces the important role we have in their success. They rely on us to move and deliver their merchandise with speed and quality. It’s vital to our business that we meet our customers’ demands and provide them with a world-class experience.

I have worked for USPS for 34 wonderful years. Before moving into my current job, I had the privilege to work as a retail associate and lead retail associate at local Post Offices and as a letter-sorting machine operator at a mail processing plant.

I love working for the Postal Service, and having the chance to talk to our business customers each day is really incredible. We impact people’s lives in a big way with what we do, even if we don’t always know it.

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