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Need a lift!

Neenah, WI, City Carrier Assistant Sara Mikoulinskii

City Carrier Assistant Sara Mikoulinskii was recently delivering mail in a Neenah, WI, neighborhood when a customer approached her for help.

The woman said she needed to drive her granddaughter to a nearby hospital, because the girl was having a seizure, and getting her into the car seat was proving difficult alone.

Mikoulinskii was able to safely lift the girl into the car seat so the customer could get medical treatment for her.

Following the incident, the customer praised the Postal Service employee in a social media post: “She went above and beyond, and as a human being, she ranks right up there with the good people.”

Mikoulinskii later pointed out that her mother’s work as a special education teacher included responding to seizures.

“I was familiar with what was happening,” she said. “It wasn’t scary. I reassured the little girl that everything would be all right.”

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