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TV anchor meets longtime fan-mail writer

The U.S. Mail recently helped unite a Minneapolis TV news anchor and a loyal viewer who has written her letters for years.

A Minnesota TV news anchor recently met a woman who has faithfully sent her fan mail for four years.

In 2016, KARE, the NBC station in Minneapolis, asked viewers to share their feedback on a new news segment.

One viewer chose the U.S. Mail to express her opinion, sending a letter to Rena Sarigianopoulos, a KARE reporter and anchor. It turned out to be the first of many handwritten notes that Sarigianopoulos would receive from the viewer, who signed each one as “Cathy from Fridley.”

The letters covered a variety of topics, including current events, sports and even proper grammar.

Last month, Cathy received a visit at home from Sarigianopoulos, who explained how much the letters meant to her.

“There was something special about the fact that someone took the time to write down their personal thoughts, put a stamp on it and send it to me,” Sarigianopoulos said during the visit, which aired on KARE.

Sarigianopoulos could not be reached for comment, but during the report, she explained that while she never wrote back to Cathy, she occasionally mentioned her on air to let her know the messages had been received.

Said Cathy: “I think that’s why I wrote to you. You know over the years there were so many things that you said that resonated with me.”

Sarigianopoulos asked Cathy if she’d keep writing now that they’ve finally met.

“If you want me to,” the letter writer replied.

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