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Right track

Scanning vital to customer service

By scanning every mailpiece and package accurately, USPS employees help the organization deliver excellent service.

Scanning is a vital part of the Postal Service’s efforts to deliver excellent customer experiences, one of the organization’s core strategies.

Scanning allows consumers to track their packages and mail. Many mailpieces receive multiple scans as they move through the postal network, and this information is fed to, the Informed Delivery feature and other applications that allow customers to receive real-time or near-real-time updates on their deliveries.

These updates are important in today’s world, especially when it comes to packages. More consumers than ever shop online, and those consumers want to know when their orders will arrive.

Scanning is important to business customers, too.

Companies, government agencies, nonprofit groups and other organizations also want to track their mailings.

These customers can use Informed Visibility and other USPS tools to ensure their mailings are delivered at the right time. For example, a retailer might want to ensure a direct mailpiece that promotes an upcoming sale arrives in customers’ mailboxes at the same time the retailer is promoting the sale on social media.

Every time a USPS employee scans these kinds of mailpieces, he or she helps the Postal Service show that mail can be a valuable marketing tool in the digital era.

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