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Feeling like a champ?

Employees sought for new program

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Cynthia Mravec, Northern Ohio District’s acting learning diversity and development manager, left, and Tallmadge, OH, Postmaster Carmen Hardin display an Engagement Champion Network seal during a training activity this week.

If you’re a Postal Service employee who is involved in your work, committed to your job and enthusiastic about the organization — and if you want to help your co-workers feel the same way about their role — then USPS wants to hear from you.

The organization is seeking employees to participate in the Engagement Champion Network, a new program that aims to foster positivity in postal workplaces.

Champions will work with their co-workers and local USPS leaders to promote the principles of engagement, which include making sure each employee knows what is expected of him or her and offering employees recognition and praise for good work.

Additionally, champions will help promote Next Level Connections, a program that encourages managers and supervisors to have one-on-one conversations with their employees to foster open communication, clear expectations and positive results.

Engaging, equipping and empowering employees is one of the Postal Service’s core strategies. Research shows that employees who feel engaged deliver better customer service, have better attendance rates and work safer.

For more information or to participate in the new program, send an email to and include “Engagement Champion” in the subject line.

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