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All about teamwork

Merrifield, VA, Mail Handler Tom Post

Tom Post likes to help USPS newcomers learn the ropes.

Post, a mail handler at the Merrifield, VA, Processing and Distribution Center, sees a lot of fresh faces on the plant floor, especially during busy times like the recent holiday season.

“I’ll teach them what to do. I want them to do their jobs properly,” he says.

The Postal Service encourages this kind of behavior. Ensuring employees know how to do their jobs helps the organization to improve customer service and drive revenue.

To help foster a spirit of camaraderie on plant floor, Post offers these tips:

• Work safely. “The plant is busy. You have to watch out for certain equipment like forklifts driving around the plant floor. Things can fall that are very heavy and you can get hurt if you’re not paying attention,” he says.

• Be helpful. “Although everyone has a job to do, remember we are a team. We should always help one another to get the job done. That’s the right thing to do.”

• Remember: It’s all about the customer. “That’s who we are working for. Hopefully, we can help put a smile on their face when they receive a letter or package that they’ve been looking forward to.”

Having a good attitude is important, too.

“Everyone has bad days, but try to help one another,” Post says. “Try to offer words of encouragement to each other. Say ‘You did a good job’ or ‘Thank you.’ It’s a small thing, but it helps.”

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