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USPS booth makes splash at CES

Christina Lopez, an Arizona/New Mexico District sales executive, speaks to two customers at the Postal Service’s Consumer Electronics Show booth last month.

The Postal Service’s booth at last month’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was ranked among the show’s best by two media outlets.

The 80-by-60-foot booth contained monitors that played videos about what USPS can do for its customers. It also featured three kiosks that attendees could use to answer questions and then receive a code to open a mailbox containing a prize, such as a flash drive or a charging cable, among other attractions.

Exhibitor magazine, which covers the trade show and events industry, placed the USPS booth at No. 13 on its list of the 20 most impressive booths at CES.

The magazine was especially taken with the booth’s 10-foot-tall video wall “that displayed photos of guests taken inside the booth that were turned into mailable postcards they could share with friends and family, thereby extending the exhibit’s reach far beyond the confines of the [show] and helping USPS continue to make its mark — or shall we say put its stamp — on the cultural phenomenon that is CES.”

Digital media company included the USPS booth on its list of “8 CES 2020 Booths That Blew Us Away.” allows readers to vote on its rankings, which influences where a particular listing ends up. In the latest ranking, the USPS booth is No. 2.

“[M]ail may be one of the oldest communication technologies still in popular use today, but that didn’t stop the USPS from bringing their ‘A’ Game to Las Vegas this year,” wrote in its review.

CES, held in Las Vegas each year, had more than 170,000 attendees and more than 4,400 exhibitors in 2020.

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