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Handbook updated

Postal Bulletin also published

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The PolicyNet website has the updated version of Handbook F-66, General Investment Policies and Procedures.

Handbook update. The Postal Service has revised Handbook F-66, General Investment Policies and Procedures.

The revised handbook, available on the PolicyNet website, provides updated guidance on USPS investment policies and procedures, including requirements for providing decision analysis report business cases and business case modification requests.

The Postal Service is evaluating five other handbooks in the F-66 series (F-66A through F-66E) to determine the need for updates and possible consolidation.

These handbooks address the unique requirements associated with these investment types: major facilities; major equipment; field investment policies and procedures; business initiatives, alliances and real estate development; and postal support and information systems.

Postal Bulletin. Postal Bulletin’s Feb. 13 edition features a guide to this year’s election and political mailing season, as well as the latest updates to USPS policies, procedures and forms.

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