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Crash and collapse

Parker, PA, Rural Carrier Brenda Lumley

Rural Carrier Brenda Lumley was recently delivering mail in Parker, PA, when she spotted a customer in trouble.

The man had suffered a medical emergency while driving near his home and crashed into a tree.

He had managed to escape from the smoking vehicle, and he had collapsed in the middle of the road when Lumley saw him.

The Postal Service employee immediately stopped, called 911, safely moved the customer out of the road and remained on the scene until emergency responders arrived.

The man’s son, who lives in another state, later contacted the local Post Office.

He wrote that he visited Pennsylvania to care for his father following surgery for injuries sustained in the accident.

“I am sure without Ms. Lumley’s actions, I may have traveled there for my father’s funeral instead,” he added.

The customer is recovering.

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