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Post marriage

Retiring couple met at new employee orientation

Smiling couple stand in office
Ann Mailloux and Michael Saint met at an orientation for new Postal Service employees in 1985. They’ve been together almost ever since.

Ann Mailloux and Michael Saint met each other on the day they began their Postal Service careers in 1985. Little did they know how long those careers — and their relationship — would last.

Mailloux and Saint were both hired as part-time distribution clerks at the Providence, RI, Processing and Distribution Center. At their new employee orientation, they learned they were assigned the same shift: 8 a.m.-1 p.m., with Tuesdays and Wednesdays off.

The schedule allowed them to eat lunch together and hang out after work.

“We didn’t fit in with the others,” Saint said. “We were young. Everyone else was older.”

Mailloux said she and Saint had “an immediate connection. We became friends right away.”

Two years later, they became husband and wife.

By that time, Mailloux was working in human resources for the Postal Service’s former Southeast New England District, while Saint was a letter carrier in North Kingstown, RI.

They each continued to climb the postal career ladder: Mailloux became a Northeast Area human resources manager, while Saint became the Little Compton, RI, Postmaster.

The couple also had a son, Sterling Saint.

In 2016, Mailloux moved to USPS headquarters in Washington, DC, where she works as an organization design director. Saint joined her at headquarters a year later as a social media associate.

“With us both working here, we could ask each other questions and bounce ideas off each other,” he said.

Saint, who retired in January, and Mailloux, who’ll conclude her career this month, are planning a quiet Valentine’s Day together: with chocolate and cards.

“Michael tends to buy those cards that show a lot of scenarios, and he writes things in them to make them even funnier,” Mailloux said.

Said Saint: “I get a box of Turtles candy and she gets a box of coconut patties.”

Their son is a physical therapist in Providence, and he and his wife are expecting a baby in June.  The couple is moving back to Rhode Island in March, where they look forward to enjoying their new role as grandparents.

After almost 35 years on the job, Mailloux and Saint each have advice on how to succeed in the Postal Service.

“Be yourself and don’t sacrifice who you are for the organization,” Mailloux said. “USPS needs people who bring their true individual selves to work.”

Saint’s advice: “Figure out what you like to do and your strongest traits and find where it fits in the organization.”

The couple also has a few tips from more than 30 years of marriage.

“Make sure you laugh and celebrate life,” Saint said.

Added Mailloux: “Be honest and have fun together.”

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