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In good hands

Mail handlers help USPS serve customers

Linda Anderson, who works at the Northern Virginia Processing and Distribution Center, is one of the nation’s 36,000 mail handlers.

Mail handlers don’t serve the public directly, but they play a vital role in customer service.

The Postal Service has about 36,000 mail handlers and 6,300 mail handler assistants. These employees work in USPS plants and other facilities, where they load, unload, prepare, sort and separate mail and packages before they’re routed to distribution areas for processing.

Despite their behind-the-scenes role, mail handlers say they understand that customers rely on them to keep the mail moving. Some mail handlers like to think of their fellow postal workers — including letter carriers and rural carriers — as their “customers.”

Through their focus on timely, efficient service, mail handlers contribute to the Postal Service’s efforts to deliver excellent customer experiences, which ultimately helps the organization win business, drive loyalty and generate revenue.

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