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Patience pays

To get leads, meet merchants when they’re ready

Seldon, NY, Postmaster Frank Kouba submitted a sales lead that will generate more than $380,000 in estimated annualized postal revenue.

The Postal Service has surpassed the $295 million mark in its yearlong drive to generate $1 billion in estimated annualized revenue through sales leads from employees.

The Race for a $Billion campaign, which began in the fall, calls on every employee to submit at least one lead before the current fiscal year ends Sept. 30.

One example: Seldon, NY, Postmaster Frank Kouba, who recently submitted a lead that will bring in more than $380,000 in estimated annualized revenue for USPS.

The sale occurred after Kouba visited the business and told the owner about the advantages of using Priority Mail to ship his products and services.

“I’d been [at the business] multiple times before,” Kouba said. “But this time, he was open to hearing about USPS shipping options.”

Mary Anderson, the Postal Service’s small-business engagement director, said Kouba’s success shows that patience pays.

“Customers may not be ready to talk when you make a first attempt,” Anderson said. “Many small-business owners don’t have a moment to sit down with you. But if you let them know you’re willing to come back when they’re free, you’re showing you care about their time and you care about their business.”

The Sales Blue page has the latest ranking of all 67 USPS districts in the campaign, as well as more information about the lead generation programs.

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