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AMTs to EMTs

Toledo, OH, area maintenance technicians Dennis Danko, left, and Eric Coutcher  

Area maintenance technicians Eric Coutcher and Dennis Danko were recently traveling together from the Toledo, OH, Processing and Distribution Center to the Napoleon, OH, Post Office when a fuel tanker heading in the opposite direction lost control and flipped over on its side.

Coutcher and Danko safely parked on the side of the highway, immediately called 911, grabbed a fire extinguisher and rushed to aid the truck driver.

While Coutcher helped the man, who was dazed but uninjured, get out of the cab and a safe distance away, Danko spotted a fuel leak and located absorbent material to contain it.

The Postal Service employees remained on the scene until emergency responders arrived.

“Eric and Dennis went from being AMTs to EMTs on this day, jumping into action without hesitation,” said Northern Ohio District Safety Specialist Michael O’Brien. “All in a day’s work.”

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