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Lost and found

Wausau, WI, Letter Carrier Nathan Klopotek

Letter Carrier Nathan Klopotek was recently delivering mail in a Wausau, WI, neighborhood when he heard a customer frantically yelling her 2-year-old son’s name.

Klopotek checked on the woman, who explained that the boy had vanished while she was in the bathroom.

The Postal Service employee told the customer he’d heard crying in the vicinity earlier, and he left to investigate while she called 911.

Neighbors began searching for the toddler while police were dispatched to the scene, and Klopotek soon found him several blocks away.

Shortly after officers arrived, Klopotek could be seen approaching on foot with the 2-year-old safely in his arms.

“The mailman helped me find my way home,” the boy told his relieved mother.

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