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Better billing

New platform offers automation, accuracy

Letter carrier delivering mail
New technology is helping the Postal Service to deliver Qualified Business Reply Mail mail faster while providing customers with more accurate billing.

The Postal Service has introduced an accounting platform to automate the invoicing of Qualified Business Reply Mail (QBRM) postcards, letters and flats.

The platform, Intelligent Mail barcode Accounting (IMbA), allows the organization to make better use of its digital technology, according to Mail Entry and Payment Technology Vice President Marc McCrery.

“Intelligent Mail barcode Accounting eliminates manual intervention by leveraging our digital processes,” McCrery said. “IMbA merges the physical QBRM barcoded pieces with our scanning capabilities to automate invoicing and payment of business reply mail while building a platform to support future growth.”

The new technology helps the Postal Service to deliver QBRM mail faster while providing customers with more accurate billing.

For example, after one business customer began using IMbA, the company experienced more accurate mail counts, automated invoicing and much earlier availability of its mail.

“IMbA provides an exceptional customer experience and brings in additional cost savings to the Postal Service,” said Marketing Vice President Steve Monteith. “Automating QBRM invoices gets mailpieces in the hands of the customer faster while capturing efficiencies in our mail processing operations.”

This technology also will be used to support future growth in 2020 census mailings and Election Mail returned ballots.

IMbA reflects the Postal Service’s efforts to improve its business strategies and implement initiatives that will help the organization meet its performance and financial goals.

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