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Time well spent

Manassas, VA, Retail Associate Malik Jackson

Malik Jackson knows each day brings opportunities to introduce USPS products and services to the public.

“I love helping customers with any service they need, whether that’s shipping packages, letters and flats, address changes, scheduling pickups, or anything else,” says Jackson, a retail associate at the Manassas, VA, Post Office.

USPS encourages all employees to take this approach. Promoting the organization’s products and services can generate revenue, boost customer loyalty and drive growth.

To help his colleagues, Jackson offers three tips:

• Carefully observe. Watching customers helps you know what other services you should offer them. “If you notice a customer looking at stamps while shipping a package, be sure you show them all the options available, and you’ll often increase the sale,” Jackson says.

• Advertise. Make sure supplies and retail items for customers aren’t hidden from view. “Showcase them and create a nice variety for customers to choose from,” he says.

• Sell yourself. Customers in line will observe how you look and how you interact with others. “If they see you’re dressed well, enthusiastic, caring and helping, they will be excited to come to you — and to come back,” he says.

Jackson knows, too, that it’s tempting to get caught up in the daily rush, but he regularly reaps benefits from taking time for positive interactions.

“Having genuine conversations with customers can make them joyful,” he says. “Explaining products and services well, so that customers understand their options, makes them confident in your expertise, and confident in the Postal Service.”

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