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Walk carefully

Tips to avoid wintertime slips, trips, falls

USPS is reminding employees to avoid winter walking hazards.

The Postal Service wants employees to take precautions to avoid slips, trips and falls during winter weather.

Here are some tips:

Wear proper footwear. Keep your feet warm and dry. Choose high-traction, slip-resistant footwear.

Stay away. Avoid wet leaves, slippery surfaces and icy areas whenever possible. Shorten your steps and shuffle your feet when near slippery surfaces. Don’t risk personal injury from icy steps.

Be alert. Finger mail only when it is safe to do so. Always remain focused, alert and ready to react to the conditions in front of you.

Hang on. Where available, use handrails or other stable supports. Holding onto something keeps you steady when ascending and descending stairs or entering and exiting vehicles. Keep one hand on the handrail or grab bar, so you can catch yourself if you start to slip.

Report Hazards. Be diligent about examining your path for hazards. Use PS Form 1767, Report of Hazard, Unsafe Condition or Practice, to report a hazard to your supervisor. Alert replacement carriers to any hazardous conditions by completing PS Form 1766, Hazard Warning Card.

The Resources for Safety and Health website has additional information.

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