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Dedicated revenue

Ceremonies help USPS promote, sell stamps

Georgie Ervin, a lead retail associate at Brightwood Station in Washington, DC, sells United States Air Mail stamp artwork following a 2018 dedication ceremony in College Park, MD.

The Postal Service issues dozens of stamps each year, and each one is a unique product that helps the organization generate revenue.

Like many businesses, USPS wants to ensure customers know when its products hit the market.

This is why the organization holds dedication ceremonies for most stamp releases. Not only do the ceremonies help the Postal Service honor the subject of each stamp, they also serve as product launch events.

Stamp dedication ceremonies feature remarks from USPS leaders and guests who have a connection to the stamp subject. Many events also feature music, including a performance of the national anthem, as well as a presentation of the colors.

A national event — sometimes referred to as a “first day of issue” ceremony — is held for most stamp releases, and there often are countless special dedications held in communities across the nation that feature remarks from Postmasters, community leaders and others.

In addition to drawing large crowds, stamp dedication ceremonies receive significant coverage in the news media, providing the Postal Service with unique promotional opportunities.

USPS also sells stamps and related merchandise at each ceremony, ensuring attendees are among the first consumers to purchase the latest releases.

But if customers can’t attend a stamp dedication event in person, they can watch a live feed from most ceremonies on Facebook. Additionally, USPS offers video highlights from each event through Link, social media and other channels.

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