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Efforts to avoid slips, trips, falls continue

USPS is continuing to raise awareness of slips, trips and falls during the winter, when many of these accidents occur.

The Postal Service is continuing to help employees learn to avoid slips, trips and falls.

More than 18,600 employees experienced these types of accidents on the job last year.

To help prevent these injuries, USPS recently conducted its first National Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention Week, a campaign that offered safety tips to employees and customers alike.

Throughout the week, managers and supervisors conducted stand-up talks, training exercises and other activities to show letter carriers and other postal workers how they can avoid accidents.

Additionally, the campaign featured community outreach, including letters to newspaper editors and classroom visits to help children learn proper safety techniques.

Matthew Simpson, an Elmsford, NY, letter carrier, said he appreciated the Postal Service’s efforts. “I follow safety [best practices] for my family and my new son Austin,” Simpson said.

USPS will continue to raise awareness throughout the winter, when many slips, trips and falls occur. Approximately 30 percent of last year’s falls involved ice, according to postal data.

The organization is advising employees to wear proper footwear, stay away from slippery surfaces, use handrails when available and report hazards.

Customers are being advised to clear walkways and mailboxes of snow and ice to make it easier for carriers to complete their deliveries.

“The Postal Service is pleased with the success of our first National Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention Week, but we recognize this is a year-round issue, and we’re going to continue working to educate employees and customers,” said Safety Director Linda DeCarlo.

The Resources for Health and Safety website has more information, including posters, videos and other resources that managers and supervisors can use to educate employees.

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