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Engagement award

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Rachel Ivory, a Pacific Area engagement ambassador, receives a certificate of appreciation from Pacific Area Vice President Larry Munoz recently.

Superior achievement. Rachel Ivory, a Pacific Area engagement ambassador, recently received a Superior Achievement Award from her fellow ambassadors.

The ambassadors are a team of 20 employees who are divided among the Postal Service’s seven areas and Washington, DC, headquarters. Each ambassador travels throughout his or her assigned territory, conducting classes for managers and supervisors.

Ivory was recognized for her efforts to make the program a success.

“Not only has she created a model training and coaching environment here in Pacific Area, but her work has directly resulted in increased levels of engagement throughout the nation,” said Pacific Area Vice President Larry Munoz.

Pacific specifics. Speaking of Pacific Area: The Postal Service recently mailed Pacific Area Update’s latest issue to employees in California and Hawaii, the states in the area.

The newsletter, which is available on Blue and LiteBlue, features articles about wildfires and power outages, on-the-job instructors, dog bite prevention and other topics.

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