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Unscheduled leave reminder

App available for employee requests

The Enterprise Leave Request Application allows USPS bargaining unit employees to request unscheduled leave.

The Postal Service is reminding bargaining unit employees they can use the Enterprise Leave Request Application to request unscheduled leave.

The application, also known as eLRA, is accessible through LiteBlue using a computer, smartphone or other mobile device.

To request unscheduled leave, the employee should log into LiteBlue, select the eLRA icon in the Employee Apps — Quick Links section and follow the on-screen prompts.

The information will be securely transmitted to the employee’s manager, providing both the employee and the manager with a record of the request.

Employees will need their employee identification number and password to log into LiteBlue. If the employee doesn’t have this information, he or she can select the “Forgot your password?” link.

Non-bargaining unit employees have used eLRA for several years. Recent improvements to the system have made it available to bargaining unit employees.

Employees who have questions should speak to a manager or supervisor.

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