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USPS, Marines to work together on cybersecurity

Capt. Ronald Ellsworth Jr., shown in 2018, and members of a battalion that recently visited the USPS Cybersecurity Operations Center in Morrisville, NC, to explore ways to work together on cybersecurity matters. Image: U.S. Marine Corps

The Postal Service has a new ally in its efforts to combat ransomware, malware, phishing and other cyberthreats.

The U.S. Marines.

Last month, the USPS Corporate Information Office’s Cybersecurity Operations Center in Morrisville, NC, opened its doors to the Marine Corps for a facility tour, presentations and discussion about future opportunities for collaboration.

The Marines who participated are part of a communication battalion that includes cybersecurity teams that are capable of installing, operating, maintaining and defending federal and military communication networks.

The relationship between CISO and the Marine battalion could provide significant benefits for the Postal Service if the organization experiences a major cybersecurity incident. If the Department of Homeland Security team responsible for responding to major incidents is otherwise engaged, USPS could call upon the Marine battalion for assistance.

“We look forward to strengthening this relationship,” said Capt. Ronald Ellsworth Jr., company commander for the battalion. He added that his team hopes to do some “shadowing” with CISO analysts to better share processes and methodologies.

Lynne Mitchell, cybersecurity operations manager for the Postal Service, said employees will continue to play a critical role in protecting the organization.

“Our employees will always be our first line of defense, but this new relationship with the Marine Corps gives us access to federal cybersecurity experts if ever we need them,” she said.

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