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Dedicated deliveries

Carriers help USPS serve nation

Laura Tapia, who works at Coronado Branch in San Diego, is one of the nation’s 166,300 letter carriers.

Like all Postal Service employees, letter carriers make important contributions to the organization’s business.

Letter carriers deliver mail and packages to homes, businesses and other customers. These employees also collect mailpieces, obtain signatures and answer customers’ questions about postal products and services.

The USPS workforce includes about 633,000 employees, including 166,300 letter carriers and 42,100 city carrier assistants. On a typical day, these employees help the organization deliver 471 million mailpieces to almost 160 million delivery points across the nation.

This makes letter carriers an integral part of daily life in the United States: Like rural carriers and rural carrier associates, letter carriers and city carrier assistants are the only public servants who visit virtually every address in the nation, almost every day. Their presence in American communities is a reminder of how the Postal Service binds the nation.

In addition to performing their postal duties, letter carriers also routinely perform good deeds, including aiding customers in crisis and participating in civic activities like Stamp Out Hunger, the annual food drive sponsored by the National Association of Letter Carriers.

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