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Door to floor

Napoleon, OH, Letter Carrier Joseph Kepling

Letter Carrier Joseph Kepling was delivering mail last July at a residence in Napoleon, OH, when he grew concerned about an 87-year-old customer whose front door was open with a dead kitten nearby.

Realizing he hadn’t recently seen the woman, who was known for regularly riding her bicycle around the neighborhood, Kepling alerted his supervisor.

Police were dispatched to the scene, and officers soon discovered that the customer had been stranded inside her home for several days after falling and breaking her hip.

Paramedics were immediately called, and the woman was rushed to a hospital.

“If not noticed by Joe, who knows how this would have turned out for her,” said local Customer Services Supervisor Chris George. “Carriers are so much more than just a person who brings the mail.”

The customer is recovering from the incident.

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