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Informed Delivery key to USPS growth

Informed Delivery allows users to preview their incoming mail on computers, smartphones and other devices.

If you work for the Postal Service, chances are you’ve heard a lot about Informed Delivery in recent years.

That’s because the free feature is an important part of the organization’s future.

Informed Delivery bridges digital and physical communications by allowing consumers to digitally preview their incoming mail and manage their packages from computers, smartphones and other devices.

Informed Delivery users receive email notifications containing “grayscale” images of the outside of the letter-size mailpieces that will soon arrive in their physical mailboxes. These images are also accessible on the users’ Informed Delivery online dashboard or via a mobile app.

Businesses can add interactive content to the Informed Delivery notifications that consumers receive. When a customer clicks on this content, he or she will be taken to the company’s website to receive offers, coupons or to learn more about the firm’s products and services.

To grow the Informed Delivery user base, the Postal Service offers initiatives such as Inform 5, a program that encourages postal employees to tell at least five consumers each day about the feature.

Increasing the number of users will prompt more businesses to add interactive content to Informed Delivery notifications, which will extend the “life” of the businesses’ mailpieces, keep mail relevant and boost postal revenue.

Employees are also encouraged to sign up at

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