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Bellevue, ID, Postmaster Shannon Ferraro

Postmaster Shannon Ferraro was on duty in Bellevue, ID, one day last summer when she spotted a motor home on fire near the Post Office.

While 911 was called, Ferraro rushed outside to the vehicle, which was occupied by a man, who was hindered by recent knee surgery, and his dog.

The Postal Service employee guided the pair to safety and remained on the scene until firefighters arrived to battle the blaze.

Investigators determined that the man had driven the motor home for 10 miles with the emergency brake on, leading to the crisis.

“As a volunteer EMT and firefighter, it was a natural reaction to do what I did,” Ferraro said.

Her colleague, Gooding, ID, Postmaster Beth Riddle, added: “I am proud of Shannon for helping this elderly gentleman and his dog.”

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