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New year, new look

California carrier joins Postal Police

In his new role as a Postal Police officer, Eric Maramba patrols USPS facilities to prevent loss or damage to mail and postal assets.

Eric Maramba has a new look for 2020.

The Gardena, CA, letter carrier recently traded in his satchel and joined the Postal Police, which patrols USPS premises to prevent loss or damage to mail and postal assets.

“I liked being a carrier,” said Maramba, who joined USPS in 2013. “Once I knew what to do, it wasn’t hard, just demanding.”

Maramba was later promoted to an on-the-job instructor position to help new city carrier assistants learn the job.

However, a chance encounter inspired Maramba to consider a new career.

“One day, the Postal Police came to Gardena. I asked them how to become an officer. They gave me information and told me to watch for announcements on eCareer,” he said.

When the Postal Inspection Service accepted applications for Postal Police officers last year, Maramba immediately applied.

“He just came up to me and said he was going for it,” said Gardena Customer Services Supervisor Maria Villanueva.

Officer Maramba graduated from the Postal Police Academy in November. Before beginning his new job, his colleagues in Gardena threw him a party that was attended by some special guests.

“He spent time training and mentoring the new CCAs [so they] paid their respects and gave him thanks during the party,” said Villanueva.

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