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Milwaukee tractor-trailer driver Mark Roche

Employees from every corner of the Postal Service make valuable contributions to the organization, as Link’s “On the Job” column demonstrated again this year.

Several employees discussed the value of good customer service, including Linda Anderson, a Merrifield, VA, mail handler who said she knows members of the public rely on her, even if they aren’t aware of her role in moving the mail.

“I don’t see our customers, but I know they have faith in us to get their bill payments and packages delivered on time. I’m like the customer because I definitely want my mail to get where it’s going in a timely manner,” Anderson said.

Other employees who said they take pride in their behind-the-scenes roles include Doug Dotson, a San Antonio field maintenance mechanic who helps keep mailboxes safe and secure; Mark Roche, a Milwaukee tractor-trailer operator who hauls mail; and Naupaka Hanchett, a Honolulu training technician who helps postal newcomers learn the ropes.

Several employees discussed how their careers have evolved, including Keith Nusbaum, who worked as a lawyer for USPS before shifting gears and becoming a Washington, DC, postal inspector; and Sandra Willis, a Detroit learning development and diversity specialist who began her career as a part-time flexible mail handler.

Stacey Anderson, an Indianapolis retail associate, has also witnessed a lot of changes during her postal career, but many other things remain the same.

“People still want to get their mail to a certain place, and they still come into the Post Office. And I’m still here to give them excellent service,” she said.

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