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Meeting challenges

Remembering summer’s top stories

Following natural disasters, USPS focuses on helping customers recover.

The Postal Service kept the mail moving during the summer, despite weather-related challenges across the nation.

The organization responded to wildfires in the west as well as Hurricane Dorian, which left a wide path of destruction in parts of the Bahamas before proceeding along the Southeastern U.S. coast.

After temporarily suspending service in areas affected by the storm, USPS quickly resumed deliveries, retail services and other operations.

“The Postal Service’s top priority during weather emergencies is the safety of our employees,” said Postmaster General Megan J. Brennan. “Now that the storm has passed, we are focused on the recovery efforts, including taking care of our employees and customers and resuming service. I thank our employees for the dedication they have demonstrated throughout this challenging time.”

Also during the July-September period, the U.S. Senate confirmed three nominations to the Postal Service Board of Governors: John M. Barger, Ron A. Bloom and Roman Martinez IV. They joined Chairman Robert M. Duncan and Vice Chairman David C. Williams on the board.

Additionally, USPS worked with the administration, the U.S. State Department and others to successfully negotiate fair rates for the international shipping of mail and packages.

Other highlights included National Postal Customer Council Week, an annual effort that brings USPS and industry leaders together in communities across the nation, and Thinking of You Week, in which the Postal Service and the Greeting Card Association encouraged consumers to mail a card a day for one week.

“For many customers, greeting cards are irreplaceable,” said Marketing Vice President Steve Monteith. “Getting a congratulatory email or a birthday greeting on social media simply doesn’t compare to opening a beautiful card with a handwritten message that’s arrived in the mail.”

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