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Relentless advocacy

Video showcases Healing PTSD event

The Postal Service has released a video with highlights from the recent Healing PTSD semipostal stamp dedication ceremony.

The video shows Koby Langley, an American Red Cross senior vice president, discussing the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder on military veterans and others.

“When we see this stamp on a letter, the message is being sent … [that] the country does care, you’re not alone and hope will spring eternal from this fertile ground of relentless advocacy and compassion.”

Other speakers shown include David C. Williams, vice chairman of the USPS Board of Governors, and Chuck Denny, founder of the American Veteran Foundation.

The Healing PTSD stamp is available for 65 cents at Post Offices and The price includes the First-Class Mail single-piece postage rate in effect at the time of purchase plus an amount to fund PTSD research.

By law, revenue from sales of the stamp — minus the postage paid and the reimbursement of reasonable costs incurred by the Postal Service — will be distributed to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

The dedication ceremony was held Dec. 2 in Charlotte, NC.

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