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Love story

Peak page showcases stamp-giving employee

Azusa, CA, Retail Associate Riene Ugalano shares her holiday story in a new article on the Peek into Peak LiteBlue page.

Riene Ugalano doesn’t consider herself a superhero, but the Azusa, CA, retail associate wields enough power between her thumb and index finder to change lives during the holiday season.

Ugalano purchases Love stamps with her own money and gives them to strangers, making each one promise he or she will use the postage to mail a letter to someone they care about.

“It’s really nothing special,” Ugalano said. “If I see someone who I feel needs it, I tear one off and I hand it to them. They look at me and say, ‘Wow, is it real?’ And I say, ‘Yes it is.’ Some light up. Some say, ‘You made my day.’”

Ugalano is one of several employees who are sharing their holiday spirit through Peek into Peak, an employee communications initiative.

You can read an in-depth story about her on the on the Peek into Peak LiteBlue page, along with a daily feature in which employees explain how they go the extra mile to serve customers during the holidays.

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