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Rules for environmental agency site visits

USPS must cooperate fully with federal, state and local environmental agency inspectors.

The Postal Service wants employees to follow the organization’s procedures for environmental agency inspection visits.

USPS must cooperate fully with environmental agency inspectors.

If a representative from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency or a state or local environmental regulation agency visits a postal facility to conduct a site inspection, the facility head must immediately report the visit to the appropriate USPS regional manager of environmental compliance and sustainability.

The facility head must report the visit regardless of whether it is pre-scheduled or unannounced.

Additionally, the head or his or her designee must follow the guidelines in Standard Operating Procedure for Environmental Agency Inspections and Site Visits to ensure appropriate support and facility compliance.

The Postal Bulletin’s Dec. 19 edition has additional information for employees, including reminders about environmental notices of violation and a list of compliance and sustainability points of contact.

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