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Right on track

Scanning key to season’s success, workers say

Dan Thompson, a mail processing clerk, scans packages at the Sterling Heights, MI, Post Office recently.

The Postal Service emphasizes accurate scanning all year long, but especially during the busiest week of the holiday season.

The organization predicts it will deliver almost 2.5 billion pieces of mail — including more than 28 million packages per day — from Dec. 16-21.

The data generated by each scan allows customers to track their mail and packages as they move through the USPS network. Accurate, timely scans during the holidays help the organization to deliver excellent service, which boosts loyalty and drives revenue the rest of the year.

Managers and supervisors are using stand-up talks, local newsletter articles and other communication methods to provide scanning tips, including reminding employees to scan packages at the right time and at the correct location.

Postal workers are getting the message.

At the Sterling Heights, MI, Post Office, employees said they understand the link between accurate scans and first-class service.

“Scanning is a pivotal part of our jobs. I take pride in doing a complete job,” said Dan Thompson, a Sterling Heights mail processing clerk.

In other locations, employees are working together to quickly identify issues before they become major problems.

When workers at Gravois Station in St. Louis discovered some pieces weren’t being scanned due to a technical problem, they quickly devised a solution.

Regina Taylor, a Gravois Station retail associate, said she and her co-workers want all customers to receive the tracking information they need throughout peak season.

“We want to do a good job and spread holiday cheer,” she said.

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