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Brotherly love

Employee receives praise for work ethic

A USPS employee receives praise from colleagues — and his younger brother — in a new video.

Roche’s Story showcases Roche Schlegel, an electronics technician at the Pittsburgh Processing and Distribution Center.

The video shows Roche working on machines while employees describe his efforts and thank him for his contributions to the plant’s operations.

Says one co-worker: “He takes a lot of pride in his job to do all that he can do to make the machines keep on running to help us not lose production time.”

You also hear from Roche’s brother, Rhett.

“Thank you for being the best big brother you could ever have. I look up to you. I always have,” he says.

The video is part of a new #PostalProud campaign that features employees and customers expressing appreciation for USPS and for each other.

The campaign also includes Peek into Peak, an initiative that features employees throughout the organization answering the question, “How do you go the extra mile to spread holiday joy?”

In addition to being available on the Link site, you can watch the video on the #PostalProud Blue and LiteBlue pages, which have previous videos about USPS employees and their contributions.

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