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Priority: New

Two more stamps coming next year

The new Priority Mail stamp will celebrate the Big Bend region in West Texas, while the Priority Mail Express stamp will showcase Grand Island in Lake Superior.

The Postal Service has announced plans to release new Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express stamps in 2020.

Big Bend, a $7.75 Priority Mail stamp, and Grand Island Ice Caves, a $26.35 Priority Mail Express stamp, will be issued Jan. 18.

The Priority Mail stamp celebrates the beauty of the Big Bend region in West Texas, where river, mountain and desert ecosystems coexist in its vast expanses.

The Priority Mail Express stamp showcases the winter beauty of the ice caves on Grand Island in Lake Superior on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

There will be no national dedication ceremonies for these stamps. Details on obtaining first-day-of-issue cancellations will be announced in a future Postal Bulletin issue.

USPS announced other 2020 stamps in October.

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