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Employees should recycle used batteries

This scanner uses the kind of battery that can be recycled through the new mail-back option. The Sustainability Blue page’s batteries section has more examples of batteries that can be recycled.

The Postal Service wants employees to use proper recycling procedures when discarding used batteries.

In preparation for the holiday peak delivery season, many Post Offices and delivery units will likely replace used batteries in scanners and other equipment.

Most depleted batteries, including lithium-ion batteries used in Mobile Delivery Devices and other types of scanners, contain hazardous components and shouldn’t be thrown away in the trash.

Instead, the used batteries must be recycled through Cleanlites, the Postal Service’s universal waste management service contractor.

Cleanlites offers both mailback recycling containers and direct pick-up services available through eBuy2.

The Postal Service no longer uses the Mail Recovery Center in Atlanta and the Tampa, FL, Logistics and Distribution Center for recycling used batteries.

The Sustainability Blue page has more information about environmental compliance.

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