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How’d they do that?

Video shows making of TV ads

A new Postal Service video shows how this year’s holiday television commercials were filmed.

The video showcases the five employees who appear in the ads, including Jose Godinez, a Redondo Beach, CA, letter carrier who, through the magic of Hollywood, delivers mail to a snow-covered farmhouse.

“We’re in California and it doesn’t rain or snow very often,” Godinez says with a laugh. “I’m usually in shorts and a short-sleeve shirt.

Oscar Padilla, a Los Angeles letter carrier, says his participation in the campaign demonstrates the opportunities available to USPS employees.

“The Postal Service got me a chance to be on TV,” he says. “I mean, I never have had a chance to be in something like this.”

The commercials, titled “Bringing Home the Holidays,” began airing Nov. 4 and are part of a campaign that will also include social media posts and mailers.

Another letter carrier who appears in the ads, Camille Graves of Brookfield, MA, encourages employees to consider auditioning for future campaigns.

“If this opportunity ever comes up, I recommend just taking a chance and doing it,” she says. “I’d love to do it again. I really would.”

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