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Path forward

Brennan updates employees on business

In her latest “Business Focus” video, Postmaster General Megan J. Brennan updates employees on efforts to compete in the package industry, including expanding Sunday and next-day delivery.

“Online shopping will continue to increase and customer expectations will continue to evolve, and we are offering expanded shipping solutions to meet the changing needs of our business and residential customers,” she says.

Brennan also talks about efforts to put USPS on a sustainable path forward through responsible legislative and regulatory reform, including a better pricing system and changes to the Postal Service business model that will allow the organization to grow revenue and cut costs.

She also updates employees on efforts by the Board of Governors and Postal Service leadership to develop a business plan that preserves the organization’s ability to provide prompt, reliable and efficient universal delivery service.

“What we are developing will outline the impacts of financial trends in the coming years, as well as the options available to management and policymakers to return us to financial health,” she says.

Additionally, Brennan discusses her recent announcement that she will retire after 33 years with USPS in January 2020.

“You have my commitment that during the remaining months of my tenure, I will remain focused on those strategies that we can effect to better serve our customers and to make the Postal Service financially stable,” she says.

Other topics addressed during the video include efforts to prevent employees’ slips, trips and falls during the winter months; the recent successful efforts to negotiate fair rates for the international shipping of mail and packages; and recent stamp releases.

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