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Knight by day

Wichita Falls, TX, Carrier Technician Joseph Poston

Carrier Technician Joseph Poston was recently delivering mail in Wichita Falls, TX, when he heard 89-year-old Peggy Kimball yelling for help in the parking lot of a physical rehabilitation facility.

Poston rushed to aid Kimball, who had stepped out of her car to retrieve a message on her windshield. The vehicle had moved toward her, and she had fallen trying to get out of the way.

The Postal Service employee safely secured Kimball’s automobile, which had rolled over her foot, and offered to call 911.

Kimball declined, and after Poston helped her into her car, she drove to a hospital, where an X-ray revealed that she had sustained a broken heel.

Kimball later mailed a letter to the local Post Office, praising Poston for his “gentlemanly actions.”

She continued: “He was the most appreciated helper, and I wanted you to know of his valor to me.”

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