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Journey begins

New site showcases mail’s digital role

The USPS Mail Journey website will help educate customers, employees and others on mail’s changing role.

Think you know how mail works in the digital world?

Are you sure?

If you could use a refresher, the Postal Service has introduced USPS Mail Journey, an interactive website that aims to help employees, customers and others understand how mail bridges digital and physical communications.

The site will consist of several lessons that showcase the evolving role of mail in modern marketing.

The Postal Service has introduced the site as part of its effort to encourage businesses to integrate mail into their marketing campaigns.

“One of the key strategies for the Postal Service this year focuses on mail and repositioning it in the marketplace. Mail has been — and still is — an effective communication and marketing tool for organizations. Our goal is to provide a fresh focus on mail in the competitive media landscape,” said Marketing Vice President Steve Monteith.

The USPS Mail Journey site’s first lesson, now available, covers the changing marketing landscape, new innovations in mail, and other topics. The lesson takes about 45 minutes to complete.

More lessons will be added to the site in the future.

Said Monteith: “USPS Mail Journey will be an invaluable source of information that can engage and spark interest in mail. We encourage employees, customers and others to share the site with all who want to grow their businesses.”

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