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Kindness counts

Chicago Letter Carrier Eric Abrams

Eric Abrams is proof positive that kindness counts.

The Chicago letter carrier is known for his friendly smile, helpful attitude and unwavering dedication.

“Hard work pays off and makes a good impression,” he says.

The Postal Service wants all employees to follow Abrams’ lead. By delivering excellent service, the organization aims to boost customer loyalty and drive revenue.

To help his colleagues deliver excellent experiences, Abrams offers this advice:

• Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Treat others as you want to be treated.

For example, one older customer recently wrote to Abrams’ manager to thank him for waiting patiently as she makes her way to the front door to receive deliveries from him.

That kind of feedback “makes me feel appreciated and makes me look forward to coming to work,” Abrams says.

• Be responsive. If a customer expresses concern about the organization’s service, follow up with him or her to make sure their needs are addressed.

• Take pride in your work. Remember: Customers count on USPS to provide consistent, reliable service.

Says Abrams: “At the end of the day … feel good about what you do.”

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