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Mow no!

Sykesville, MD, Rural Carrier Jamie Huth

Rural Carrier Jamie Huth was delivering mail on a June day in Sykesville, MD, when she heard the faint sound of someone yelling for help.

Huth stopped and looked around until she spotted an 80-year-old customer, Gary Peltier, who had been operating a riding lawn mower that had plunged down a steep embankment nearly two hours earlier, trapping him where drivers passing by couldn’t see him.

The Postal Service employee immediately called 911 and stayed on the scene until emergency responders arrived, soon followed by Gary’s wife, Victoria.

Huth later visited the Peltiers at a hospital, where Gary was treated for gasoline burns.

After Gary returned home, Victoria mailed a letter of appreciation to the local Post Office.

Huth “went above and beyond her normal mail route and we want to thank her very much,” she wrote.

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