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Always improving

Indianapolis Operations Industrial Engineer Jeremy Cox

My name is Jeremy Cox and I’m an operations industrial engineer at the Indianapolis Processing and Distribution Center. I help make sure our employees have the equipment they need to work as successfully as possible.

That’s Engineering 101: finding ways to make everyone’s life easier.

I work with a manager, four other engineers and about seven operational support specialists.

We conduct research on equipment before we order it to make sure it will increase operational efficiency. We also analyze data on existing machines and generally try to ensure things run smoothly.

I get a lot of useful information by talking to employees on the plant floor. They touch the mail all day, so they see things that I don’t. More than a few times, their feedback has made me think about things in a new way and helped me solve problems.

My Postal Service career began in January 2018. When I was in college, I met with a USPS recruiter who explained how the operations industrial engineering program works. It’s been a good fit because I’m passionate about continuous improvement. I feel we can always find ways to do things better. Anything less than 100 percent isn’t good enough.

The Postal Service is important because our customers rely on us to deliver their online purchases and medicine and to ensure their bill payments arrive in a timely manner. We have a huge impact on how people live their day-to-day lives. That makes this career exciting.

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