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‘Marriage’ and convenience

USPS tests program for business mailers

The Plus One test will allow an advertiser who has a piece inside a “marriage mail” envelope to add a stand-alone, addressed mailpiece.

The Postal Service is conducting a market test for Plus One, a new product that will allow business mailers to add an additional piece to “marriage mail” at a lower price.

Marriage mail, also called “shared mail,” is a form of direct mail that combines advertisements from multiple businesses into a single envelope sent by a host mailer. This allows the participating advertisers to share costs.

Through the test, an advertiser who has a piece inside a marriage mail envelope can add a Plus One card — a stand-alone, addressed mailpiece. The goal is to provide the advertiser with a gateway for future solo advertising.

USPS plans to test Plus One for two years.

The test, which began Oct. 1, is part of the Postal Service’s broader efforts to reposition mail and demonstrate its value to business customers as a marketing channel.

The PostalPro site has more information about Plus One.

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