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It’s about time

Video explains Virtual Timecard app

“Virtual Timecard Overview,” a new USPS video, explains how the application works.

A new video offers an overview of a soon-to-be-released application that will make it easier for Postal Service employees to see their time clock entries.

The Virtual Timecard app will allow employees to use a smartphone, tablet or personal computer to see their clock rings and accumulated work hours, every day and anytime.

“No more guessing about daily clock rings, or what was entered in the timekeeping system, or what work hours will appear on your pay stub,” the narrator explains in the video.

The 55-second segment, Virtual Timecard Overview,” is available on Blue.

The Virtual Timecard will be available Nov. 1 as an “Employee App – Quick Link” option on LiteBlue, which can be accessed on desktop computers and mobile devices.

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