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Tips offered for safe holiday deliveries

Postal employee delivering mail in the snow.
USPS wants customers to keep their mailboxes easily accessible during the holidays.

The Postal Service is providing customers with tips to help ensure the safety of letter carriers and others during the holiday season.

To help avoid injuries from slipping on snow and ice, USPS wants customers to shovel and salt their sidewalks and walkways, especially when expecting a mail delivery. The area around the mailbox should be clear of snow or ice buildup, too.

Additionally, toys, holiday decorations, yard equipment and other obstacles should be removed from steps and walkways to avoid trips and falls.

The Postal Service is also emphasizing the importance of responsible pet ownership. More than 5,700 postal employees were attacked by dogs last year.

The organization is advising customers to place dogs in a separate room and close that door before opening the front door to receive a delivery, and to not allow children to take mail directly from a carrier in the presence of a pet, who could see this as a threatening gesture.

“Just taking a few extra minutes every day to look around for hazards in your home or workplace, or learning proper pet ownership, can reduce injuries that would ruin an otherwise good day,” said USPS Safety Director Linda DeCarlo.

The Postal Posts blog has additional safety tips for customers.

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