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Field work

San Antonio Field Maintenance Mechanic Doug Dotson

My name is Doug Dotson and I’m a field maintenance mechanic in San Antonio. I help ensure mailbox units meet postal and security standards. 

I primarily work in new residential neighborhoods. I place USPS identification markers on new mailbox units, install locks and make sure everything functions properly. There are about 10 of us in my department, and we work with 30 stations, so we cover a lot of area.

One of our major concerns is making sure mailbox units are safe. By structurally reinforcing the boxes, we can secure our customers’ mail and save USPS from having to purchase replacement units.

San Antonio is one of the nation’s fastest-growing cities. We work on 30-50 mailbox units per week. One apartment complex can have as many as 400 units.

I’ve been with the Postal Service for almost 14 years. I started out as a retail associate, then became a mail handler before moving into field maintenance. I’ve done this job for about four years.

Before USPS, I was in the Air Force and stationed in Abilene, TX. I spent my whole military career there, including a tour during Desert Storm. I was discharged in 1993 after six years of service, then had my own business pressure-washing vehicles.

When I turned 35, I decided I need to start thinking about my future. My father-in-law worked at the Post Office, so I thought I’d give it a try, too.

When I’m not working, my wife and I like to go to the beach. We also like to go to Abilene to see our grandkids.

I’ve enjoyed working for the Postal Service. It offers a lot of opportunities. You can move to where you best fit, and that’s a nice thing.

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