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Ready, willing and label

USPS customer printing service goes nationwide

Beginning Oct. 21, USPS will expand its use of Label Broker.

USPS is expanding its use of Label Broker, a service available to customers who have purchases to return to a merchant but no access to a printer or shipping labels.

After introducing Label Broker last year in select markets, USPS will expand the service nationwide Monday, Oct. 21.

Customers will be able to visit a Post Office and present a label identification number written on a piece of paper or the package, or they can present a QR code on a smartphone.

The retail associate should first try to scan the QR code using a Retail Systems Software (RSS) terminal. If the code doesn’t scan properly, the associate should enter the label ID code in the terminal’s Label Broker system by selecting “Mailing/Shipping,” followed by “More.”

After the label is printed, the retail associate should affix the label to the package, provide an “Acceptance” scan and enter the package into the mailstream.

Finally, the associate should present the customer with a receipt.

Label Broker will be available only for prepaid or no postage necessary (returns) labels. The package must be available to be entered into the mailstream when the retail associate creates the label, and the customer can’t add any additional services to the labels.

If the Label Broker label fails to print because of a paper jam or another problem, the retail associate can request a reprint of the label on the RSS screen.

If the retail associate receives an error message — such as “Invalid Label ID,” “Expired” or “Permanently Expired” — he or she should encourage the customer to contact the company that sent them the Label Broker identification number for further instructions.

The Postal Service’s expansion of Label Broker is part of the organization’s broader efforts to grow its package delivery business.

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