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Behind the scenes

Employee’s kids gain glimpse into USPS

Postal employee and her two young sons.
Postmaster Drew Tikkanen stands outside the Wakefield, MI, Post Office with her two helpers: sons Justus, left, and Maximus.

Wakefield, MI, Postmaster Drew Tikkanen’s two sons think their mom has a very cool job.

The boys, Maximus and Justus, are fascinated by the Postal Service and recently got to experience what Tikkanen does at work when she gave them a behind-the-scenes look at a day in the life of the Wakefield office.

“I think they are just enamored with it because I have worked in the Post Office since both of them have been born,” Tikkanen said. “I was pregnant with Maximus when I was hired for the Post Office, so they have been [part of] my whole career.”

Maximus and Justus have worn postal costumes for Halloween, and Tikkanen plans to visit their school soon to talk to their classmates about USPS.

She said she would “be honored” for the boys to follow in her footsteps one day, but there’s no pressure.

“I have told them whatever they become when they are older is what they [choose], but until then their smiles say it all,” Tikkanen said.

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